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This waiver is required for all workshop participants.

  • I acknowledge and fully understand that Peter Callan is not an attorney-at-law or “lawyer” and has in no way given me any legal advice whatsoever.  Mr. Callan is a certified paralegal and the author of a self-help book regarding preparing for end-of-life issues and the importance of advanced directives and he is assisting me to that end alone.

  • I understand and appreciate the sensitivity of the documents that I may have been provided and acknowledge that they are given only to those who have officially registered for the class for the purpose of work assignments in this seminar.  I agree not to copy or share the workshop forms in any way, shape, or form and that they are provided on an individual basis, in good faith, and on a strictly professional level for the purpose of completing this “do it yourself” document preparation workshop.

  • I understand that there are no refunds for the purchase price of the book once ordered.

  • I agree not to record the contents of the workshop in any way.

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