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The Practical Guide for Dealing with the Inevitable ...

A 70-Page Workbook

"MUST HAVE" End-of-Life Directives

Simple Basic Forms Included

Comprehensive To-Do List to help you get started

Super Easy to Read and Implement

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A Best-Selling
Do-It-Yourself Workbook

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Essential End-of-Life Document Preparation Workshop

Saturdays in Summer 2024:  June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
10:00 am to 12:00 pm
        Santa Fe Community College (Main Campus)

Join an EOL document preparation workshop led by a certified paralegal to assist you with three key documents for "Life's Tool Box":  Last Will and Testament, NM State Statute Power of Attorney, and NM State Statute Advanced Health Care Directive.


Be prepared to help your family navigate with a road map of your wishes.  Get introduced to the basics and hear from local experts on probate, hospice, and much more in a relaxed atmosphere.  The SFCC registration cost for the workshop is $49 and does not include the required course material which can only be purchased on this website for $140.  Materials include the workbook, PREPARE TO DIE and Other Stuff No One Ever Told You and other valuable key resources.

 Registration is now open!  Click HERE to register.

Click HERE to order the course materials.

If you have registered for the workshop and purchased the book, click the button below for the waiver required for all workshop participants.

Interested in a custom order?

We can customize a book order with a specialized cover for your group or event (25 minimum order).

We can also create a custom workshop for your special group (20 participant minimum).

Avoid Probate

Avoid Probate Hell,
Intestate Confusion & Financial Hardship

Probate proceedings and procedures can cost both TIME and MONEY

If you die without a will, you die “intestate”, so plan ahead!  If there is anything you should do while you are alive, it's preparing your end-of-life decisions before it's too late.  Save your family and loved ones from hardship and headache and give them space to grieve.


Your end-of-life wishes need to be put in writing so that they are honored and your property is distributed smoothly and quickly to your beneficiaries.  Drawn-out probate is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming and allows strangers and state law to make decisions for you and about you.


This workbook will make end-of-life conversations easy.  It will facilitate planning for management of your financial affairs and health care.  The documents that are essential to have either witnessed and/or notarized are:  Last Will and Testament, Advanced Healthcare Directive, and Financial Power of Attorney.  It’s not at all hard.  It just takes a little action to put your wishes on paper.

The purpose of this workbook is to actually give your life meaning.  Exploring your options in advance and communicating your wishes and decisions is very rewarding for you and for you family and loved ones.  Peace of mind can be achieved when you are prepared.


About the Author

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On his 30th birthday, Peter could not count on both hands how many funerals he had attended for friends he had lost in a modern world full of calamities.

Soon after his 40th birthday, that same reality started to hit closer to home with the loss of immediate family members.  After decades of observing good people battling enormous grief and not having even basic knowledge of the radical importance of some very essential paperwork and other realities around death, Peter returned to school and earned a Paralegal Certification with the purpose of writing this workbook so that he might help others with meaningful suggestions for "Life’s Toolbox."

A survivor with a grateful heart, Peter focuses on evolving as an educator regarding end-of-life issues and sharing vital information with others on the path.  As a Certified Paralegal, Peter is an informed and thoughtful speaker on end-of-life issues and the choices everyone must make before the inevitable occurs.  He is adamant about educating people who need to make informed decisions.

Everyone needs a Last Will and Testament, Advanced Healthcare Directive, and

Financial Power of Attorney!




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KOB-TV Interview

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in Santa Fe
101.1 FM Radio Interview

with Abigail Adler

Bestow The Everlasting Gift
"Do the right thing. Live with integrity.

Die with dignity."

Wake-Up Call
"Don’t put this off. This is the most important 2 hours you will spend."

Never Too Young, Write a Will
"Shit happens, death doesn’t discriminate. You’re NEVER too young to write a will!"

Designed to Get You Off Your Butt and Start
"Don't leave a mess behind. Use this practical workbook and get it done!"


Same content, your choice of cover!
>> 15th edition released on 12/31/23 <<

What's Inside

  • Comprehensive To-Do List to Help You Get Started

  • Definition of Basic Terms

  • Estate Planning

  • Property & Wills

  • Trust Info

  • Minimizing Probate

  • Personal Representative/Executor

  • Joint Tenancy & Tenancy In Common

  • Living Will/Advance Directives

  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Orders

  • Power of Attorney (POA)

  • Memorial Services

  • Burials

  • Draft Forms and Checklists

And so much more!

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What's Inside


"This book is an excellent resource, highly recommended. In his supremely clear and user-friendly guide for attending to end-of-life issues, Peter manages to simultaneously demystify death and sanctify life. My family and I are using this workbook to make sure that we do not burden the ones we love with the details so that they can more fully show up for the deeper dimensions of our loss."

Mirabai Starr, Author

"A Baby Boomer's godsend! The “not quite irreverent” take on dealing with the challenges we all face at one point or another, either for ourselves or our loved ones, this book has answers . . . even questions you didn’t know you had!"

— Sarah Jane Russell, Friend

"Since none of us are getting out of here alive, Prepare to Die should be required reading for all those we love and those who love us."

— Robert Silver, Philosopher, Writer, Philanthropist, Survivor

"Painless! Mr. Callan’s no-nonsense yet humorous perspective on the inevitable that we all face is direct, compassionate and real. A fun read!"

— Lucy Melmed, Radio & TV Producer

"This is a straight forward, simple yet comprehensive guide that deals with end-of-life issues in a clear and understandable way. Written by an experienced paralegal, the topics include power of attorney for healthcare, living wills, Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, death certificate copies, and even advice for pet owners to make sure their four-legged companions are taken care of after they pass away. All the bases are covered! With a list of resources, suggested readings, estate planning forms (like last will and testament and living will, among others) and even some fun facts about death, the book a must read for everyone."

— Dr. Teresa Dovalpage, P.h.D.

"It’s the most valuable self-help book I’ve ever read."

— Bill Whaley, Professor, Writer, Editor, Publisher

"Funny, smart, informative . . . This one’s got legs, what all of us need – whether you know it or not. Buy 10 and give out as birthday gifts to all your loved ones – no matter the age!"

— Eric Poullain, Renaissance Man

"If everyone would read this book prior to meeting a lawyer, it would save them lots of time and money! Short, sweet, to the point . . . extremely valuable!!"

Charles Mantei, Attorney at Law



Click HERE to send an email request for information on workshops, presentations, and one-on-one consultations!

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