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"MUST HAVE" End-of-Life Directives

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Avoid Probate Hell, Intestate Confusion & Financial Hardship

Probate Proceedings and Procedures can take up to FIVE YEARS!

If you die without a will, you die “intestate.” So plan ahead! If there is anything you should do while you are alive, it’s having your end-of-life decisions made before you die. Save your family and loved ones from hardship and give them space to grieve instead of headaches.

Your end-of-life wishes need to be put in writing so that they are honored and your property is distributed smoothly and quickly to your beneficiaries. Drawn-out probate is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming, allowing strangers and state law to make decisions for you and about you.

This best-selling workbook will get end-of-life conversations going. Planning for management of your affairs in financial and issues in healthcare. The simple basic documents that are imperative to have either witnessed and/or notarized are: Last Will and Testament, Advanced Healthcare Directive, and Financial Power of Attorney. It’s not at all hard, it just takes a little action to put your thoughts on paper.

The purpose of this workbook is to actually give your life meaning. Communicating your wishes and decisions and exploring your options in advance is very rewarding.  Not only for yourself, but for your family and loved ones. Peace of mind can be achieved when you are prepared.

About the Author

"Whether you're 22 and sick as a dog or 88 and healthy as a horse,

everyone needs to complete just three documents to ultimately have peace of mind."

On his 30th birthday, Peter Callan could not count on both hands how many funerals he had attended for friends he had lost in a modern world full of calamities.

Soon after his 40th birthday, that same reality started to hit closer to home with the loss of immediate family members. After decades of observing good people battling enormous grief and not having even basic knowledge of the radical importance of some very essential paperwork and other realities around death, Peter returned to school and earned a Paralegal Certification with the purpose of writing this workbook so that he might help others with meaningful suggestions for "Life’s Tool Box."

A survivor with a grateful heart, Peter focuses on evolving as an educator regarding end-of-life issues and sharing vital information with others on the path.

Peter is a Certified Paralegal and speaker on end-of-life issues and the optional decisions and choices everyone must make before the inevitable. He is adamant about educating people who should know better about their options.

Everyone needs a Last Will and Testament, Advanced Healthcare Directive, and

Financial Power of Attorney.



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